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Site still here, but no new newsletters, sorry

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As you can see, we didn’t close the site in July 2014 after all. I’ve paid to keep the site up and running for another couple of years at least, hoping that someone in the parish might take up the tasks once performed by Fr Pat, John McNicholas and Jim Norton and create a weekly newsletter in […]

No new newsletters – site closing in 2014

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Please note that as Father Gallagher is not on the net, newsletters will no longer be published and this site will close (probably in July 2014, when its domain name expires), so please make your own copies of any past newsletters that you’d like to keep. Many thanks for following us in the past and […]

November 24th 2013 – Solemnity of Christ the King

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The last Sunday of the year is always celebrated as the Feast of Christ the King and in each year of the liturgical cycle we are invited to ponder some aspect of Christ’s rule over the church and indeed all creation. This year we have been reading the gospel of Luke over many Sundays and have been privileged to see how…


November 17th 2013 – Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year

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 In today’s gospel reading, we have a picture of destruction. There are revolts, war, religious persecution, plagues, and famines. Even the earth seems to rise against us in earthquakes, floods and storms. These calamities…


November 10th 2013 – Thirty-Second Sunday of the Year

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Many people today think that being a modern Christian includes jettisoning the belief in spiritual beings. But these people don’t realize that this is not a modern thing at all. Even at the time of Jesus there were people who did not believe in spirits, in angels and in the resurrection of the dead. These people who held a certain religious and political ideology were known as…


November 3rd 2013 – Thirty-First Sunday of the Year

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Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. He could have listened to his teaching and had the same benefit as everyone else. But longing to see for himself, he climbs a tree. And swaying in the branches, hanging on for a good view, he finds that…


Sunday October 27th 2013 – Thirtieth Sunday of the Year

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The theme of this Sunday’s readings challenges our self-righteousness and complacency…

Sunday October 20th 2013 – Twenty-ninth Sunday of the Year – World Mission Sunday

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A Surge of the Heart     St Luke especially records Jesus telling us stories, parables, involving some disreputable characters…


Sunday October 13th 2013 – Twenty-eighth Sunday of the Year

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God’s Chosen People  From Rome, the communication’s hub of the known world, Paul, an educated Jew, writes a letter to Timothy, a man of Jewish and Greek descent.  In it, he writes that Jesus, a Jew ‘descended from David’ grants salvation to ‘the elect’, the chosen ones.  But Paul’s location, and the family background of his letter’s recipient indicates that the elect are no longer just…

Sunday October 6th, 2013 – Twenty-seventh Sunday of the Year

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To Pluck up and to Plant  Just before this Gospel passage, Jesus imposed a huge burden of responsibility on his disciples…